Are There Bonuses Offered ??? Don’t Miss It

Are There Bonuses Offered ??? Don’t Miss It

LipoQQ is a site that provide many interesting games. You only need to register to become a member of the LipoQQ game. And just 10 thousand of the minimum funds you deposit. You can register immediately. The sooner you register you will quickly get various benefits from this game. When you want to join, you must have a bank to save the profits you get from situs judi online24jam.

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Are They Offering Bonuses?

If you don’t want to be charged a bank discount, you just need to transfer using a bank account that is already available. If online gambling players are sure that with your deposit capital on the LipoQQ site you can make a lot of withdrawals, then you can try directly by applying how to win on a situs judi online24jam. This will be discussed by a trusted dominoqq agent on the LipoQQ site, especially for online gambling players who want to win when playing online gambling. LipoQQ also has 2 game recommendations, namely by playing in dominoqq and bandarq games. The following are the bonuses offered :

  • There is also a referral bonus for members who have registered other Qiu Qiu players to the LipoQQ site
  • The referral bonus on LipoQQ is 20% which is divided into 10% automatic and 10% manual, the referral bonus is calculated from the total bet of the referral
  • The 10% referral bonus will be distributed every time a referral plays, while the 10% manual referral bonus will be distributed every Sunday at noon if the 10% referral bonus automatically reaches 40 thousand.